Russia: Earrings Worth Half A Million Dollars Confiscated

Russian media reported that customs officers at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport arrested on Thursday an Israeli woman on suspicion of smuggling diamonds worth half a million dollars. Read more

Lev Leviev Adds Zambia Emeralds To Diamond Portfolio

Billionaire Lev Leviev, who made his fortune undercutting De Beers’ former diamond monopoly, has bought half of one of Africa’s biggest emerald mines. Read more

Diamond Sells For Record $71M million At Sotheby’s Auction

Sotheby’s sold a 59.6-carat pink diamond for about $71 million in Hong Kong, setting the world record for the top auction price for any gem. The stone has an an unusual distinction: It has attracted even higher bids in the past. Read more

Israeli Diamond Explorer Shefa Yamim Raises £7M

The Israeli diamond exploration company’s unit Shefa Yamim (A.T.M) will scale down its planned London floatation following an investment from GEM investment fund. Read more

Israeli Link To Boost India, Russia Diamond Trade

India’s ties with Israel have been quietly growing since they developed diplomatic relations among themselves 25 years ago. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin just concluded a visit to India to bolster bilateral ties and trade, with an unexpected outcome, to boost Indio-Russian trade. Read more

Israeli Firm Develops Automated Technology To Grade Diamonds

An Israeli high-tech company has invented a machine that it says can instantly grade the clarity of polished diamonds a development the company said Thursday will bring new standards to a painstaking process that has long been susceptible to the subjectivity of appraisers. Read more

Diamonds Are Overpriced and It’s A Real Problem

Some diamonds sparkle only in the eyes of those who seem to be skimming millions of dollars off their sale. Read more

Namibia Divided Over Marine Phosphate Mining

The dispute between two Namibian ministries over marine phosphate mining in a 700-km stretch of sea shows little sign of ending. Read more

$55M Fraud Case Reveals Cracks In Israel Exclusive Diamond Exchange Club

“For seven months Hanan Abramovich told us stories there is money, there isn’t money. Read more

Israel Police: Diamond Industry Scam Artist Stashed Tens of Millions Abroad

A veteran diamond broker is suspected of stashing tens of millions of dollars in foreign bank accounts, after allegedly defrauding some of the most senior diamond industry figures in the country out of approximately $60 million, police said in court on Sunday. Read more