Border Agents Watch As Drone Flies 13 Pounds of Meth Into US

A 25-year-old U.S. citizen has been charged with using a drone to smuggle more than 13 pounds of methamphetamine from Mexico, an unusually large seizure for what is still a novel technique to bring illegal drugs into the United States, authorities said Friday. Read more

Israel Offers To Train Drone Operators For Ghana’s Special Forces

Israel has offered to train Ghana’s army to operate drones, reported the Ghana Armed Forces reported last week. Read more

NYPD: Drone Smashes Through Woman’s Apartment Window

Drone warfare came to a Kips Bay high-rise when a remote-control model crashed through a 66-year-old woman’s apartment window, police said Sunday. Read more

The IDF’s New Drone, Tzur

The IDF is developing a new drone, the first of its kind to be developed by the Israeli military in-house. Read more

Russia, Not Hezbollah, Sent Drone Into Israel

A Drone that crossed into northern Israel last month belonged to Russia not Hezbollah, as was initially suspected. Read more

Israel Downs Drone Over Golan Heights

Rocket alert sirens were sounded Sunday afternoon in the Golan Heights, after two Patriot Missiles were launched from the Safed area towards an unidentified drone in Israeli airspace, the IDF confirmed. Read more

Israel Has Conducted Drone Strikes Against Terrorists In Sinai

Israel has conducted numerous drone strikes against terrorists in Egyptian territory in recent years, Bloomberg quoted a former senior Israeli official as saying on Monday. Read more

Israel’s Elbit Brings Drone Tech To North Dakota Farmers

HILLSBORO, North Dakota — A high-flying drone that will be used to test precision agriculture methods made its inaugural flight Friday in North Dakota amid handshakes and smiles from aircraft operators and farm officials. Read more

‘Israeli Drone’ Seen In Syria

An image released Sunday appears to show an Israeli-made drone flying over Syria. Israel Air Industries (IAI) sold the same model of drones to Russia, which may explain the aircraft’s presence in the country. Read more