Exec-Escort Relationship Led To $6M In Credit-Card Fraud

Nearly $6 million was allegedly stolen from a Buffalo Grove medical company over a year and a half the possible result of a relationship between a former executive and an escort. Read more

Several New York Democrats Ask For Lenient Sentence For CEO of Male Escort Service

NEW YORK – Some Democratic politicians are asking a federal judge to go easy on a former CEO of a once-popular male escort service website who pleaded guilty last year to promoting prostitution in a case that prompted accusations of anti-gay bias. Read more

Feds Want Prison Time For Escort Website CEO

Brooklyn federal prosecutors on Monday called for prison time for Jeffrey Hurant, the owner of the online gay-escort advertising service whose supporters have claimed was unfairly singled out for promotion of prostitution charges in 2015 because it featured gay sex. Read more

NYPD Officer Sentenced To Prison For Running Online Escort Service

A retired NYPD officer who ​pled guilty to running a high-end escort service is sinking his teeth into a new business venture​ ​a decidedly more wholesome “mobile food delivery app,” he told the court Thursday​. Read more

Daily Mail To Pay Melania Trump Damages For Claim She Worked As Escort

LONDON — Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper on Wednesday apologized to US First Lady Melania Trump and agreed to pay her damages over an article that included allegations that she worked as an escort in the 1990s. Read more

Ex-CEO Spent Company Funds on Escort

A Manhattan tech CEO blew through nearly half a million dollars in company money to fund a lavish lifestyle that include high-priced hookers for himself and epic shopping sprees for his socialite wife, a new lawsuit charges. Read more

Married Prosecutor Is Arrested In Massive Prostitution Bust In Georgia

DUNWOODY, Ga. – An assistant district attorney has been arrested after turning himself into Dunwoody Police Department. Read more

Fiat Heir Lapo Elkann Arrested For Faking His Own Kidnapping With Prostitute

An heir to the Fiat automobile fortune was arrested with a male escort in New York this past weekend for allegedly faking his own kidnapping, NYPD officials tell The TOT. Read more

Israel – As Prostitution Goes Online, Clients Come Out of The Shadows

“Something is twisted inside, mediocre sex like in a puppet show, you have to work too hard,” “A midget, not a great face, a bimbo,” “Suggests sex with her husband present; older, looks terrible.” Read more

William Mersey Who Ran Escort Website To Pay $3.5M After Admitting He Cheated on His Income Taxes

Dollar Bill is making it rain for the U.S. Treasury. Read more