Fox News Settles Bill O’Reilly Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

After getting hit with a slew of sexual harassment claims last year, Fox News quietly settled for hundreds of thousands of dollars after a host accused Bill O’Reilly of frequently making inappropriate phone calls and once trying to forcefully kiss her, a recent report claims. Read more

It’s Time To Fire This BITCH From Fox News

Newt Gingrich thinks Megyn Kelly’s mind is in the gutter. Read more

Greta Van Susteren Abruptly Leaves Fox News

Greta Van Susteren, host of Fox News’ On the Record since 2002, is leaving the network. Read more

Fox News Will Pay Gretchen Carlson $20 Million To Settle Sexual Harassment Suit

Fox News is set to pay a whopping $20 million to settle a lawsuit with former anchor Gretchen Carlson two months after she accused her old boss Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, according to a report. Read more

Fox News Slams Ex-Host Andrea Tantaros Over Roger Ailes Sexual Harassment Claims

Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros is not a ‘victim’ but ‘an opportunist’, the Fox News has said in its response to the sexual-harassment lawsuit she filed last week. Read more

Andrea Tantaros Says She Made Harassment Claims Against Ailes, Was Taken Off Air

A Fox News anchor claims she was taken off the air after making repeated sexual harassment complaints about Roger Ailes. Read more

Laurie Dhue Says She Was Asked By Roger Ailes If She Was Wearing Underwear

Another Fox News employee has come forward claiming she was sexually harassed by former CEO Roger Ailes during her time at the network. Read more

SHAKE UP AT FOX NEWS: Roger Ailes Out at Fox News Channel

Beleaguered Fox News chairman Roger Ailes resigned effective immediately Thursday amid growing allegations of his sexual harassment of on-air talent. Read more

Fox News Nears Implosion Following Sex Scandal

Roger Ailes, the 76-year old cofounder and CEO of Fox News is on his way out in a shakeup that could radically alter America’s most popular cable news channel. Read more

Gretchen Carlson Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Fox’s Roger Ailes

Gretchen Carlson, a Fox News host, said Wednesday she was fired by the conservative-leaning cable news network and has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against its chairman and CEO Roger Ailes. Read more