Rabbinical Court Refuses To Grant Couple A ‘Get’ Until Prenup Voided

A Jerusalem rabbinical court is making the already complicated divorce process even more inconvenient for couples who sign prenuptial agreements, according to the Hebrew website Srugim. Read more

Rabbi Eliezer Lgra Solution To Get Refusal

The Chief Rabbi of the Rabbinical Court, Rabbi Eliezer Igra, referred to the issue of refusal to grant a divorce during a conference of the Bar Association. Read more

Rabbinical Court Dissolves Marriage of Woman Waiting 29 Years

A rabbinical court in Paris officially dissolved the marriage of a Jewish woman who for 29 years had tried unsuccessfully to obtain a religious Jewish divorce from her abusive ex-husband. Read more

NY Judge Refuses To Compel Orthodox Jewish Husband To Grant Wife A ‘Get’

A state judge said it would violate an Orthodox Jewish man’s constitutional rights for the judge to use a secular divorce proceeding to compel him to grant his wife a “Get,” an authorization to remarry under religious law. Read more

American Father Of Divorce Refuser Avoids Jail Time, But Banned From Leaving Israel

The father of a US citizen who has denied his wife a “get,” a Jewish writ of divorce, for more than 14 years will avoid a jail sentence for the time being the Supreme Court of Justice ruled on Monday, although his ban from leaving Israel will remain in place. Read more

Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court Succeeds In Granting Agunah Divorce

A judge from the Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court went to Ben Gurion Airport at 5:00 AM Friday morning in order to receive a ‘get’ (halachic divorce) on behalf of a woman, to whom he handed the get just a few hours later at his residence. Read more

Unprecedented: Father Jailed For Son Refusing To Divorce Wife

For the first time in history, an Israeli rabbinical court has sentenced a man to prison because his son will not grant his wife a divorce. Read more

Chief Rabbi David Lau: Divorce Should Be Granted Before Division of Assets

Chief Rabbi David Lau has reiterated a much-praised stance he took in a recent divorce case which came before the Supreme Rabbinical Court, asserting that it is legitimate for rabbinical judges to require a divorce be given before an agreement on the division of a couple’s assets is reached. Read more

Rabbi David Wax Sentenced To 7 Years, Wife Gets Two Years Probation For Roles In Forced ‘Get’

TRENTON — A Lakewood couple involved in a bizarre kidnapping of an Orthodox Jewish man were sentenced on Tuesday for their roles in forcing the man to agree to give his wife a religious divorce. Read more