Equifax Hacker Group Makes $2.6 Million Bitcoin Ransom Demand On Dark Web

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Equifax was hacked surfaced and 143 million Americans have potentially had their personal information stolen. Read more

Israel Cyber Authority: Dozens of Hospital Computers Hacked, No Damage Done

Computing systems at a number of Israeli hospitals were attacked late Wednesday night, but no substantial damage was caused, according to the National Cyber Security Authority. Read more

Hackers Can Now Steal Your Password Just By Looking At How You Tilt Your Phone

Hackers could steal mobile phone users’ pin numbers from the way their devices tilt as they type on them, researchers have claimed. Read more

Hacking Group Claims NSA Infiltrated Mideast Banking System

A group of hackers called the Shadow Brokers has just released a new dump of data from the National Security Agency. This is plausibly the most extensive and important release of NSA hacking tools to date. Read more

More Celebrity Nudes Exposed After Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson’s Leaked Photos

The nightmare is still not yet over for several celebrities who also became the targets of leaked nude photos online after Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson, reports say. Read more

Hackers Threaten To Wipe 200M iCloud Accounts Unless Apple Pays Ransom

HACKERS who claim to have control of at least 200 million iCloud accounts have issued a public demand to Apple: pay ransom or we wipe them all. Read more

Hackers To Be Charged In Yahoo Security Breach

The US Department of Justice is getting ready to indict some of the people implicated in Yahoo data breaches. Read more

Did An Israeli Company Hack Zimbabwe’s Elections?

In the past three years, a new slang word has come to be popular in the Zimbabwean capital. I’ve heard it in professional settings and at parties. Read more

Millions of Recorded Messages Between Parents and Children Targeted In Teddy Bear Toy Hack

It’s like something out of a B-grade spy movie private conversations between family members overheard via a listening device installed in the kids’ teddy bear. Read more

Threat Of Cyber Attack Is Biggest Fear For Businesses

The threat of cyber attacks and political instability resulting from rising populism are among the biggest worries for businesses around the world, according to a study of companies in 79 countries. Read more