Israeli General Yair Golan, Former IDF Deputy Chief, Says PKK Not A Terror Organization

Former IDF deputy chief Maj. Gen. Yair Golan expressed support for Kurdish independence at a conference in Washington last week, saying that the Kurdish PKK fighting Turkey is not a terrorist organization. Read more

Massive IDF Wargames Involving Tens of Thousands of Soldiers

IDF Northern Command will begin an all-inclusive exercise codenamed Or Hadgan, which last took place 19 years ago, during which tens of thousands of soldiers will be trained in all aspects of the northern theater. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Man Arrested For Burning Effigy of IDF Soldier

An ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem man was arrested Sunday for burning an effigy of an IDF soldier during the Lag B’Omer festival earlier this year, police said. Read more

Searches Underway For IDF Soldier Missing In Golan

Searches are underway in the Golan Heights to find a IDF soldier who left his unit on Wednesday during military activity and has since disappeared. Read more

Al Jazeera Dredges Up Ukrainian Blood Libel

As Israel works to shut down the offices of the Qatari news network Al Jazeera in Jerusalem, the network came out last Wednesday with an “investigative report” that perpetuates a modern-day blood libel from 2013. Read more

IDF Unit Is Brains Behind Israeli Army Artificial Intelligence

The operational research unit of the Military Intelligence Unit the software unit of the Israeli army’s J6/C4i Directorate’s Lotem Unit doesn’t look like the kind of place where state-of-the art artificial intelligence is being put to work. Read more

Sexual Assault Reported In Secret IDF Intel Unit

The IDF Military Police Investigations Unit are investigating claims that a career non-commissioned officer (NCO) in a classified intelligence unit sexually harassed a female soldier serving under him, Yediot Ahronot reported Thursday. Read more

Pilot Killed, Navigator Critically Injured In Apache Crash In South Israel

Jerusalem – An IDF Apache helicopter crashed in southern Israel, killing one pilot and critically injuring the second the IDF said on Monday night. Read more

1,000 Jews Visit Joseph’s Tomb In Shechem Overnight

A large group of Jewish visitors entered the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Shechem (Nablus) overnight to visit the tomb of the biblical figure Joseph. Read more

Iranian Hackers Launch Virtual Honeypot Scheme

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