Hacker Who Helped Stop Global Cyberattack Arrested In US

Marcus Hutchins, the 23-year-old British security researcher who was credited with stopping the WannaCry outbreak in its tracks by discovering a hidden “kill switch” for the malware, has been arrested by the FBI over his alleged involvement in another malicious software targeting bank accounts. Read more

Mother Shares Heartbreaking Plea To Find Missing Daughter In Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — A mother’s heartbreaking plea to help find her missing 17-year-old daughter has gone viral on social media. Read more

Indian Man In US Pleads Guilty To Planning Terror Attack, Assassination In India

RENO, Nevada — A citizen of India who received asylum in the US and lived in northern Nevada has pleaded guilty to conspiring to plot a terror strike in the Punjab region of his home country on the border with Pakistan, federal law enforcement officials said Tuesday. Read more

Vegas Judge: Cover Swastika Tattoos For Trial

A Las Vegas judge ordered a robbery suspect to cover up his tattoos, which include a swastika and the words “Baby Nazi,” so he could have a fair trial. Read more

Philip Panzica, Man Busted For Ferris Wheel Sex, Shot Dead In Houston

A Texas man who achieved brief notoriety after he was arrested for having sex on a Las Vegas Ferris wheel in February was shot dead early Saturday morning after picking up his fiancée from the Houston strip club where she worked as a dancer. Read more

Couple Arrested For Having Sex on Las Vegas Ferris Wheel

LAS VEGAS — A Houston man and a New York woman are facing felony charges after authorities say they were recorded having sex in public during a 30-minute ride in a glass-enclosed cabin on a Ferris wheel 550 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. Read more

Jewish Tech Entrepreneur Murdered In Las Vegas Parking Lot

A Jewish tech entrepreneur who lived out of rental cars was shot and killed in a Las Vegas parking lot. Read more

Chris Brown Punched Woman In The Eye At Palms Hotel In Las Vegas

Chris Brown strikes again!

The rap star who famously beat his then-girlfriend — pop superstar Rihanna — just before the 2009 Grammys allegedly slugged another woman early Saturday. Read more

One Dead, 37 Injured After Car Plows Into Crowd on Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas police say that a woman intentionally drove her car onto a crowded Strip sidewalk multiple times Sunday night, killing at least one person and injuring 37 others, six of them critically. Read more

Las Vegas – British Airways Flight Catches Fire At McCarran Airport

An engine failure on a Las Vegas-to-London British Airways jet Tuesday sparked a fire that forced the evacuation of the plane and resulted in 14 minor injuries. Read more