NY Times Blames Victim In Hawara Lynch Attempt

After a Samaria resident was nearly lynched by an angry Arab mob last week and was forced to open fire to defend himself – killing one of his attackers and wounding another- the New York Times chose to portray the Israeli victim as a murderer. Read more

Barghouti Is Intentionally Lying, and So Is New York Times

The Public Editor of the New York Times took the newspaper to task for failing to identify Palestinian Authority leader Marwan Barghouti as a convicted murderer of Israeli Jews. Read more

Bill Donohue: Daily News and New York Times Show Bias

New York, NY – In a bizarre turn of events, the head of a major Catholic organization took two major New York newspapers to task, ultimately resolving the issue with one while accusing the other of playing favorites by ignoring cases of sexual abuse in the Jewish community. Read more

New York Times Again Vilifies Israel Without Facts

Diaa Hadid, a New York Times correspondent, has once again forced her editors to correct her work, after not bothering to get the facts straight in a recent piece that slammed Israeli policy for the eviction of an Arab family from Jerusalem’s Old City. Read more

NYT Turns Terror-Supporters Into ‘Hipster Palestinians’

A New York Times article on Sunday lauded the allegedly liberal “hipster Palestinians” in Haifa who live a secular cultured life, but one of the main Arab sources quoted in the piece lost no time clarifying he was seriously misrepresented by the “white media.” Read more

NYT Forced To Retract Article with Anti-Semitic Implications

The New York Times was forced to backtrack Sunday, after it published an article which implied that Jewish Congressmen’s opposition to the Iran deal is directly proportionate to the Jewish voting population in their respective districts. Read more

Former NYT Editor Caught in ‘Palestinian Donkey Cart’ Lie

Ezri Tubi, spokesperson for the Samaria community of Yitzhar, released a video on Wednesday debunking the claims of Robert Cohen, a former editor of the New York Times who happens to be Jewish. Read more