NYC Investigation Into If Yeshivas Are Breaking The Law Stalls

The city has blown its deadline for completing a politically explosive investigation into whether yeshivas are breaking the law by cutting out secular studies in favor of religious instruction. Read more

Borough Park Congregation Divided Over Synagogue’s Future

A religious family feud is brewing in Brooklyn, where some say the best way to save a congregation is to tear down its historic synagogue. Read more

New York’s Orthodox Jews Are Expanding Into These Towns, And Some Residents Aren’t Happy

When Moshe Pinkasovits walks with his kids down the street on Saturdays in his new town, he has to watch out for drivers shouting anti-Semitic slurs. Read more

Haaretz Writer Compares Haredi Community To Neo-Nazis

A writer for the left-wing Haaretz daily drew criticism Monday after she compared the haredi community in Israel to neo-Nazi groups in the United States. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Baby Trafficker Exposed

Haim Aharon Yosefi—a well-known businessman and figure in the ultra-Orthodox world—trades in babies. Read more

Elementary School Teacher Charged With Molesting Students

An elementary school teacher at a religious girls’ school in Tiberias in northern Israel was indicted Monday for sexually assaulting his young students. Read more

Expansion, Vandalism of Eruv Used By Jewish Community Sparks Debate

POMONA – The expansion and vandalism of a structure used by the Orthodox Jewish community in Rockland County and New Jersey has caused controversy among residents. Read more

Park Ordinance Could Target Orthodox Jews

MAHWAH, N.J. — A New Jersey prosecutor has ordered a town’s police department to ignore a new ordinance that he says could illegally target Orthodox Jews from New York. Read more

Mahwah Orders Orthodox Jewish Community To Remove The Eruv

MAHWAH — A portion of the local Jewish community has been ordered to stop building a religious boundary made up of white plastic piping through its town. Read more

Heroin Has Infiltrated The Hasidic Community

A 20-year-old Hasidic woman died of a heroin overdose in Brooklyn last month showing how even an ultra-insular religious community isn’t immune to the nation’s opioid epidemic. Read more