Over 1,500 Rabbis Take Stand Against BDS

Well over 1,500 Orthodox rabbanim from across the United States, hailing from a cross section of communities, have joined the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s call to support the Israeli government’s effort to combat the BDS movement, which promotes a boycott of Israel and related individuals and businesses around the world. Read more

Israeli Rabbi Defrocked For Sexual Misconduct

In an unprecedented step, the chief rabbinate has in effect defrocked an ordained rabbi serving in a municipally paid position in a northern city for sexual misconduct. Read more

Former Roommate of Mark Zuckerberg Becomes Rabbi In Israel

JERUSALEM – When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was launching a social media revolution 12 years ago, one of his suitemates at Harvard University was pursuing a different status: becoming a rabbi in Israel. Read more

Orthodox Rabbis Performing Marriages With Non-Jews For Money

A number of Israeli rabbis, authorized by the Rabbinate to perform weddings recognized by the state, have been conducting fictitious wedding ceremonies between Jews and non-Jews, a new report by Channel 2 has revealed. Read more

The Husband Gave A ‘Get’ But The Rav Wouldn’t Give It To The Wife

A woman living in France was represented in a Chief Rabbi beis din last week for the purpose of obtaining a ‘get’ from her husband by the Yad L’Isha organization, which is affiliated with Ohr Torah Stone Institutions. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Arrested For Raping Nieces “Hundreds of Times”

Another day, another gag–broken. This time, the accused is a prominent Israeli ultra-Orthodox Rabbi, Naftali Maklev, accused of raping three nieces, “hundreds of times” over the course of “many years.” One of the victims was 6 years-old when the alleged crimes began. Read more

Israel – Tax Authority Targets Rabbis

A new tax circular defines criteria for taxation of income from services such as weddings and circumcisions. Read more

NJ Orthodox Synagogue Announces Hire of Woman Using ‘Rabbi’ Title

An Orthodox synagogue in New Jersey has hired Lila Kagedan, the first Yeshivat Maharat graduate to go by the title “rabbi.” Read more

Rabbis Want Cell Phone Stores Supervised

The Rabbinical Committee for Communication Affairs is demanding that the prominent ultra-Orthodox Eda Haredit organization employ inspectors to patrol authorized cell phone stores in haredi neighborhoods and ensure that the devices sold in those stores are indeed “strictly kosher” – with no camera or Internet access. Read more