Rabbinical Court Refuses To Grant Couple A ‘Get’ Until Prenup Voided

A Jerusalem rabbinical court is making the already complicated divorce process even more inconvenient for couples who sign prenuptial agreements, according to the Hebrew website Srugim. Read more

Tel Aviv Beis Din Turns To AG Mandelblit To Probe Possible Criminal Actions In Agunah Case

The Rabbinical Courts Administration has been instructed by the Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court to discuss opening a criminal investigation with the attorney general into the father of a man who is refusing to grant his wife a divorce. Read more

Rabbinical Court Infringes on US Civil Jurisdiction In 8-Year Agunah Case

The Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem has reversed itself not once but twice over issues of jurisdiction regarding the case of an eight-year agunah, and is now enabling her estranged husband to condition his granting of a divorce on the division of assets from the marriage. Read more

Israel Allows Criminal Proceedings Against Religious Men Who Refuse To Divorce Wives

In a first for Israel, rabbinical judges in Jerusalem and Haifa recently approved the opening of criminal proceedings against men who refused to grant their wives a get (religious divorce), acting upon instructions from State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan to increase the pressure on the men. Read more

A Kick During The Wedding Led To Divorce

“In the middle of the wedding, my wife stepped on my foot,” a husband from Samaria told the rabbinical court in the Samaria city of Ariel. “It’s a custom of sorts, that instead of the husband ruling the home, the wife steps on his foot so that she will rule him.” Read more

Rabbi Eliezer Lgra Solution To Get Refusal

The Chief Rabbi of the Rabbinical Court, Rabbi Eliezer Igra, referred to the issue of refusal to grant a divorce during a conference of the Bar Association. Read more

Rabbinical Court Works To Permit Marriage To ‘Mamzer’

The Be’er Sheva Rabbinical Court published a ruling that a person previously considered to be a mamzer was “permitted to marry an Israelite,” which is the official way of saying he is, in fact, not a mamzer. Read more

Husband To Rabbinical Court: My Wife Prefers Our Dogs

A Man in northern Israel has filed for divorce from his wife citing her love of their dogs and puppies and her alleged preference for them over him, to the point where the dogs share the couple’s bed and thus interfere with their sex life. Read more

Rabbinical Court: More Female Than Male Get-Refusers

Israel’s Rabbinical Court system statistics for the past five years paint an interesting picture regarding the number of estranged spouses who refuse a divorce (unless their conditions are met), the low number of dispensations given to men to marry a second wife, and more. Read more