Richard Matt Was An FBI Snitch

Long before the sociopathic fugitive was shot and killed by a border patrolman, he worked with the feds to inform on a fellow inmate. Read more

Massive Manhunt Continues For David Sweat Amid Looming Storms

Police searching for the second of two escaped prisoners who pulled off an elaborate breakout from a maximum-security New York prison three weeks ago say that the remaining escapee is fatigued and likely to make a mistake after law enforcement officers shot and killed his accomplice Friday. Read more

Malone, NY – Prison Break: 1 Escaped Murderer Fatally Shot, Other Is On Run

Malone, NY – One of two convicted killers who staged a brazen escape from an upstate maximum-security prison and had been hunted for three weeks was shot and killed Friday, and the other is on the run, an official told The Associated Press. Read more

Malone, NY – Police: Escapees May Be Headed To Canada, Items Found In Cabin

Malone, NY – Two escapees from an upstate New York prison are believed to be headed for Canada, New York State Police Major Charles Guess said on Friday. Read more

Prison Worker Joyce Mitchell Admits To Having Sex With Escapee In Tailor Shop, DA Says

One of the two convicted killers who escaped a maximum-security prison had sex four times a week with the worker charged with helping them get out, a former inmate has claimed. Read more

New York – Governor Cuomo: DNA Found Near Prison Is Linked To Escaped Inmates

New York – DNA found just miles from a maximum-security prison is linked to the convicted murderers who escaped more than two weeks ago, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, as searchers using dogs and helicopters on Tuesday continued to focus intensely on a heavily wooded area in far northern New York. Read more

Bellmont, NY – Police: Items Recovered From NY Cabin In Hunt For Escaped Murderers

Bellmont, NY – Items recovered from a remote hunting cabin might be linked to a pair of convicted killers who escaped from a nearby prison more than two weeks ago, authorities said Monday as searchers swarmed rugged woods in the hamlet in far northern New York. Read more

Friendship, NY – Police Call Off Search For Escaped Prisoners In Allegany County, Shift Investigation To Franklin County

Friendship, NY – Investigators tracking two murder convicts who escaped from a northern New York prison scoured a rural area near the Pennsylvania border Sunday, saying an unconfirmed but credible report of a sighting had shifted the search across the state. Read more

New York State Police Investigate Possible Sighting of Escaped Prisoners Along Pa. Border

The search for two escaped killers landed Saturday near the New York-Pennsylvania border after an unconfirmed sighting of the two men, about 350 miles from the prison where they escaped two weeks ago. Read more

New York – Correction Officer Suspended In Connection With Prison Escape

A correction officer was suspended Friday as part of the investigation into the escape of two inmates who broke out of a New York state prison and are still at large, officials said. Read more