Russian Gang Sets Fire To Israeli Prison

Three different fires were set on Monday by members of the Tanski gang, who are locked in Eshel prison in the south of Israel. Read more

Donald Trump & Felix Sater

In a Brooklyn courtroom on Monday afternoon, lawyers for journalists and others argued that documents related to a former business associate of Donald Trump should be unsealed, saying they could have new significance now that the real estate magnate has been elected president. Read more

Alexander Perepilichnyy Applied For £8.5M of Life Insurance Before He Died

A rich Russian businessman applied for £8.5m worth of life insurance policies just months before he collapsed and died while out jogging, an inquest has heard. Read more

Businessman Buried Alive By Moscow Gangsters Uses His Mobile To Call For Help

A businessman buried alive in a graveyard reportedly called his brother from his mobile to beg him to pay his debt and get him freed. Read more

Widow of Russian Whistleblower ‘Poisoned By Sorrel Soup’ Denies He Fell out With Organised Crime Syndicate

The widow of Russian whistleblower Alexander Perepilichny told an inquest on Monday that she did not believe her husband had been murdered and said she had cooked him a bowl of sorrel soup just before his sudden death. Read more

US Feared For Safety of Nikolai Gorokhov

A Russian lawyer investigating an alleged $230 million money-laundering scheme nearly died in March after he fell from his fourth floor apartment in Moscow. Read more

The Russian Money Laundering

Russia’s dirty laundry has been put out to dry by investigative reporters working together across 32 countries in a major project led by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and Moscow-based Novaya Gazeta. Read more

The Russian, Israeli Crime Organization In Trump Tower

The FBI did wiretap Trump Tower, but its target was not the future president of the United States and the operation was over well before Donald Trump even declared his candidacy. Read more

Russian Crime Reporters Reveal $21 Billion Money Laundering

Authorities in the United Kingdom will assess a report in the Guardian newspaper that almost $740 million of laundered cash from Russia passed through British banks, Treasury Minister Simon Kirby said. Read more