Satmar Rebbe To French Jews: Don’t Move To Israel!

On Tuesday night, thousands of French Jews participated in a special event led by the rebbes of Satmar and Pshevorsk, and intended to strengthen Jewish education among French Jews. Read more

Satmar Rebbe Blasts Anti-Draft Demonstrations

The leader of the world’s largest anti-Zionist hassidic sect surprised followers on Monday when he condemned protests being held by anti-draft activists in Israel. Read more

How The Satmar Mafia works!

Satmar is estimated to be one of the largest Hasidic dynasties in the world. Read more

Jacob Teitelbaum: Who Will Protect You Now That Ken Thompson Has Taken Leave Due To Illness? I’m Sure Being That Your Protected Under Your Father’s Umbrella You’ll Find Another Way

Jacob Teitelbaum: It Was A Pleasure Hearing From Your Representatives, Though I Am not Willing To Stop. You Are A Dangerous Sexual Predator