Borough Park Shomrim Organized By Shaya Lichtenstein Indicted In NYPD Gun Permit Scandal, Delayed In Notifying NYPD of Boy’s 2011 Kidnapping

In the hours after 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky disappeared in Borough Park, Brooklyn, a key figure in the heavily Jewish neighborhood’s security patrol coordinated the effort to find him. Read more

NYPD Deputy Chief John Sprague Disciplined For Pleading The Fifth In FBI Probe

An NYPD boss in charge of a unit that probes excessive force by cops was stripped of his gun and badge on Thursday after refusing to answer questions in the wide-ranging federal probe into gifts for favors, a union official said. Read more

Two More High-Ranking NYPD officers File For Retirement Amid FBI Corruption Investigation

NYPD deputy chiefs Eric Rodriguez and Andrew Capul have filed for retirement, joining the exodus of officials heading for the exits amid a massive corruption probe. Read more

Shaya Lichtenstein Pleads Not Guilty To Bribing NYPD Cops For Gun Permits

NEW YORK – This is one of those stories you feel like you’ve seen play out in any number of police shows or movie: someone knows a guy who is close with some police officers and for the right price you can get what you need. Read more

New Boss Of NYPD’s Scandal-Scarred License Division Suddenly Quits

New York – The top ranking NYPD official hand picked by Police Commissioner Bill Bratton to clean up the scandal-scarred License Division has abruptly quit the force, DNAinfo reported. Read more

NYPD Inspector Michael Ameri Was Cooperating With Corruption Probe Before Suicide

An NYPD commander was cooperating with authorities as part of a wide-ranging corruption probe before fatally shooting himself, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Monday. Read more

NYPD Inspector Michael Ameri Who Committed Suicide Warned Pals To To Cut Ties With Orthodox Jewish Community

Brooklyn, NY – The NYPD officer who took his own life on Friday afternoon had reportedly taken steps to distance himself from some members of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community. Read more

NYC Gun Broker Shaya Lichtenstein Accused of Bribing NYPD Cops

Crooked gun license broker Shaya Lichtenstein’s access to police was so good that his applicants didn’t even have to come to headquarters for a mandated interview before they got their permits. Read more

Meet The Shomrim The Hasidic ‘Cops’ Who Answer To Nobody

NYPD Inspector Michael Ameri shot himself Friday in a Department car hours after the FBI reportedly questioned him for a second time about a series of alleged payoffs made by members of New York’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community—including several big donors to Mayor de Blasio—to high-ranking officials in the NYPD. Read more

NYPD Inspector Questioned In NYPD Corruption Probe Commits Suicide

An NYPD inspector who had been questioned in the ongoing corruption probe of the department fatally shot himself in the head on Long Island on Friday. Read more