NYC off The Hook For Williamsburg Shomrim Beating of Taj Patterson

A Brooklyn judge has tossed a gay student’s lawsuit against the city and the men found guilty of a brutal, Williamsburg Shomrim beat-down that left him blind but ruled the fashion pupil can still sue the Orthodox Jewish community watch group behind the attack. Read more

Man Convicted In Hasidic Brooklyn Mob Attack Is A Scapegoat For Williamsburg Shomrim

The only man tried in the 2013 beating of a fashion student by a mob of Hasidic Jewish vigilantes is appealing his conviction, arguing that prosecutors relied on junk science to tie his DNA to the scene. The prosecution, his lawyer argues, was meant to “scapegoat” the man, Mayer Herskovic, 23, while protecting politically connected members of Williamsburg Shomrim. Read more

Hasidic Shomrim Member Gets Four Years For Beating of Gay Black Man In Williamsburg

A member of a Hasidic neighborhood watch group who viciously beat a gay black man in Brooklyn in 2013 will spend four years behind bars for the attack. Read more

Taj Patterson’s Lawyer Accuses Prosecutors of Protecting Assailant Due To Political Ties

The lawyer for a black Brooklyn man who was beaten in a racially-charged attack is accusing prosecutors of refusing to indict one of the assailants because of his family’s political ties. Read more

Hasidic Jewish Man of Beating GAY Man Sentence Delayed

The family of a gay, black student beaten to near-death by a band of Hasidic neighborhood watchmen will have to wait two more months to see their son’s lead attacker face his fate. Read more

Hasidic Man Who Beat A GAY Black Man Should Give Up Money Raised For Defense: Suit

A Brooklyn man convicted of brutally beating and partially blinding a gay, black student should give up the $131,000 his community raised for his legal defense, a lawsuit asserts. Read more

Five Hasidic Men Blow off Suits For Beating of GAY Black Man

Five Hasidic men being sued for their alleged roles in a gang attack on a gay black man in Brooklyn have ignored the federal lawsuit and been declared in default, according to court papers. Read more

Hasidic Jewish Man Guilty of Beating GAY Man Has No Problem Paying Raised Bail

A Brooklyn man found guilty of the brutal gang beat-down of a gay, black student spent a mere 20 minutes behind bars Monday as a judge raised his bail to $50,000. Read more

Williamsburg Hasidic Man Convicted Of Gang Assault Beating of GAY Black Man

A Hasidic man was convicted of gang assault on Friday for taking part in a vicious attack on a gay black man in Brooklyn. Read more

DNA Expert Barred From Testifying For Orthodox Jewish Man Accused of Gang Assault GAY Black Man In Williamsburg

A Brooklyn judge has given the lawyer for an Orthodox Jewish man on trial for gang assault more time for an expert witness to challenge prosecutors’ key evidence in the case. Read more