Shameful: Rabbi Meir Porush Comes Out In Support of Alleged Child Abuser

Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush (United Torah Judaism) arrived in court earlier this week to request that an ultra-Orthodox teacher accused of physically abusing and sexually assaulting his students be allowed to attend a wedding. Read more

Orthodox Jewish Men Cause ‘Bedlam’ on EasyJet Flight After Refusing To Sit Next To Female Passengers

Crew on an easyJet flight have been forced to call police mid-flight after a group of Orthodox Jewish men refused to sit next to women on religious grounds. Read more

Six Wounded In Tel Aviv-area Car Explosion In Attempted Assassination

Six people, including five children, were wounded Friday when a bomb went off in their family car in an apparent underworld hit near Tel Aviv, police and medics said. Read more

Tel Aviv ‘Restaurant Served Pork In Place of Beef’

An upscale restaurant in central Tel Aviv has been accused of deceiving customers in a lawsuit charging the establishment of listing dishes as containing beef in the menu, but presenting unsuspecting diners with pork instead. Read more

From A Gang Rape At A Tel Aviv Club At 17 To A Life of Prostitution and Addiction

On January 6, 21-year-old M. was fighting for her life as she lay on a Tel Aviv street corner. K., a homeless woman addicted to drugs, was the only person who tried to offer her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, while also asking passersby to call an ambulance. Read more

Tel Aviv – Polygamous Cult Uncovered

A religious court in Tel Aviv uncovered a secret cult practicing polygamy recently, when a young bride taken in by the cult reached out to the court for help. Read more

Tel Aviv Nightspot Where Alcohol and Rabbi Nachman Meet

The square around the Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv, near the bustling Rothschild Boulevard, has long since been a symbol of secular entertainment. Read more

Passengers Stranded After El Al Pilots Don’t Show Up

Hundreds of El Al passengers were stranded Sunday night after their pilots failed to show up and the flight was canceled. Read more

Fourth Body Found In Tel Aviv Construction Disaster; Workers Still Trapped

The death toll from Monday’s construction collapse in Tel Aviv’s Ramat Hachayal neighborhood rose to four on Tuesday morning as search and rescue workers found another body under the rubble. Read more