Bratslav To Keep Perimeter of Rabbi Nachman Gravesite Women-Free

Ahead of the Jewish new year, when thousands of Jews will converge on the Ukrainian city of Uman, the final resting place of the Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, followers of the revered 18th-century luminary issued an “urgent” decree Wednesday banning women from the area surrounding his gravesite. Read more

Gilbert Chikli Arrested In Ukraine

A huckster sentenced for tricking dozens of French banks and businesses into handing over millions of euros has been arrested in Ukraine after a hunt lasting more than two years. Read more

Ukraine Hit By Massive Cyber Attack

Ukraine’s national bank, state power company and largest airport are among the targets of a huge cyber attack on government infrastructure. Read more

Ukrainian colonel killed by car bomb in Kiev

A colonel in Ukraine’s military intelligence has been killed by a car bomb in central Kiev, the defence ministry said, describing the incident as a “terrorist act”. Read more

Giuseppe Donaldo Nicosia Arrested In Ukraine

After nearly three years on the lam, Italian fugitive Giuseppe Donaldo Nicosia whose lavish spending of allegedly stolen money was laid bare in the Panama Papers Has been arrested in Ukraine. Read more

Ukraine Opens Criminal Probe Against 94-Year-Old Jewish WWII Hero

Ukrainian authorities have decided to open a criminal investigation into a 94-year-old Jewish WWII hero who is being accused of killing a Nazi collaborator. Read more

American Member of Watchdog OSCE Killed In Ukraine

Ukraine opened a terror investigation Monday into a mine blast that killed an American medic from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s monitoring team in the country’s rebel-held east. Read more

Influential Ukrainian Politician Detained In Graft Probe

MOSCOW – Ukrainian investigators are preparing to ask a court to arrest an influential former lawmaker suspected of embezzlement, a second senior political figure to have been detained in the former Soviet republic in less than two months. Read more

Rabbi Beaten In Ukraine On Rosh Hashanah Passes Away

Rabbi Mendel Deitsch, who was found badly beaten in the Zhitomir, Ukraine, central train station on Rosh Hashanah earlier this year and was then airlifted to Israel by emergency medical transport, has passed away. Read more