London Ultra-Orthodox Jews Raise Big Money To Keep Children Away From Secular Society

An ultra-orthodox Jewish community in London has launched a £1 million fundraising bid to finance legal battles against parents who want to take their children into secular society. Read more

Bill De Blasio Must Not Let Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Votes Override His Duty To The Law

Mayor De Blasio, stop ignoring the welfare of Jewish children. Stop supporting policies that condemn them to a lifetime of poverty and illiteracy. Read more

Illegal Ultra-Orthodox Jewish School Almost Drowned After Being Taken on Hiking Trip In Dover

A group of ultra-Orthodox Jewish students nearly drowned after being taken on a hiking expedition by unqualified teachers working at an illegal faith school that the Government has known about for five years but failed to shut down. Read more

Hundreds Attend Funeral of Esti Weinstein

Former Gerrer Hassid Esti Weinstein who took her own life after years of estrangement from her family was laid to rest today (Tuesday) in the Yarkon Cemetery in central Israel. Read more

Family Court: Esti Weinstein Will Be Given Secular Burial

Tel Aviv Family Court ruled this afternoon (Monday) that Esti Weinstein, a mother of 7 who left the Gerrer Hassidic community and religious observance several years ago, will be given a secular Jewish burial as per her request in her will. Read more

Before Suicide, Esti Weinstein Penned Book About Her Ordeals In Ultra-Orthodox World

A formerly ultra-Orthodox woman who was found dead in her car on Sunday after apparently taking her own life days earlier, had written a short autobiography describing the rigors of living within the Gur Hasidic sect and the pain she felt when her daughters cut ties with her over her choice to give up religion. Read more

Hasidic Leaders Call Police Raid On Unlicensed Montreal School ‘Terrorism’

Hasidic leaders in Montreal reacted angrily to police and youth protection officials locking down a Hasidic school for several hours. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Bans Girls Over Five From Riding Bikes Because It Is ‘Provocative’

An ultra-orthodox Jewish leader has reportedly banned girls aged five and older in some areas of Israel from riding bicycles – claiming it is “immodest”. Read more

Montreal – Police Raid Ultra-Orthodox Jewish School

The sign at the door in Hebrew read: “Welcome in the name of God.” Below that were the words “Talmud Torah,” meaning the study of Torah. Read more

Shhh: Ultra-Orthodox Jews Use Internet As Much As Other Israelis Do

Their rabbis don’t like it, but ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel surf the internet like mad, a recent study shows. Read more