Putin Critic Was Poisoned

The wife of well-known Kremlin critic Vladimir Kara-Murza, Jr., who fell critically ill last week in Moscow for the second time in two years, said doctors have diagnosed him with “acute poisoning by an undetermined substance.” Read more

Obama Kicks Out Dozens of Russian Diplomats Over Election Hacking

The US has ordered 35 Russian diplomats to leave the country in retaliation for alleged interference in the presidential election and imposed sanctions on Russian officials and intelligence services for hacking political sites and email accounts, officials said. Read more

Wife of Putin aide puts on Holocaust-themed ice show

The wife of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman performed a Holocaust-themed ice skating show on a popular reality television show Saturday night. Read more

Russian Jews: Vladimir Putin Did Not Interfere In US Elections

Despite widespread speculation in the US that Russian President Vladimir Putin influenced the outcome of the presidential election in favor of President- elect Donald J. Trump, well-educated Russian citizens contend that Russia had no involvement whatsoever. Read more

Russian President May Step Down Due To Illness

Vladimir Putin is considering quitting as Russian President, a Kremlin expert has claimed. Read more

Vladimir Putin Grants Steven Seagal Russian Citizenship

Vladimir Putin has granted actor Steven Seagal Russian citizenship, the Kremlin reported on its website on Thursday, according to Reuters. Read more

Putin To US: Be More Like Israel

Speaking at an international forum last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Israel’s anti-terror efforts, suggesting the United States could learn much from the Jewish state. Read more

U.S. Authorities Rule Ex-Kremlin Official Mikhail Lesin’s Death An Accident

WASHINGTON — U.S. authorities have ruled the death of former Kremlin media boss Mikhail Lesin an accident, saying that a nearly year-long investigation determined that “acute” alcohol intoxication was a contributing factor and that the case is now closed. Read more

Putin Will Stop At Nothing To Increase Mideast Influence At U.S.’ Expense

The horrific tragedy in Aleppo is only one episode in a more complex global battle, driven by Russia’s challenge to America’s international hegemony (which is in any case deteriorating apace). Read more

Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Car Driver Who killed In Car Crash Was ‘Killed In Political Assassination’

Conspiracy theorists have claimed that a car crash that killed Vladimir Putin’s chauffeur was part of an assassination plot, it has been reported. Read more