FBI offers $5M For Information On Murder American Citizen In Yemen

WASHINGTON — The FBI Washington Field Office is offering an award of $5 million for information in connection with the murder of a U.S. citizen that took place in Yemen in 2012. Read more

Military: Service Member Killed, 3 Others Wounded In Yemen Raid Targeting Al-Qaida

SANAA, Yemen — A U.S. military service member was killed Sunday during a raid against al-Qaida militants in central Yemen that also left nearly 30 others dead, including women and children. The loss of the service member is the first-known combat death of a member of the U.S. military under President Donald Trump. Read more

Yemen’s Hezbollah: The Saudi Arabia and Israeli Problem

In March 2015, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said: “We have information that Iran is supporting the Houthis in Yemen and that Hezbollah is sending them aid from Lebanon.” In August 2016, the Shia Houthis fired Zelzal-3 missiles – which are supplied to Hezbollah by Iran on Saudi Arabia. Read more

US Missiles Destroy Houthi-Controlled Radar Sites on Yemen Coast

The United States has launched its first strike on Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen in retaliation for days of attacks on a navy warship, becoming an active combatant in a brutal war led by Washington’s ally Saudi Arabia. Read more

Yemen – Yemeni Rebels Hold Jew Over Smuggling Out Old Torah Scroll

Yemen – Yemeni security officials say a member of the country’s Jewish minority has been detained over allegations he helped smuggle an 800-year-old scroll to Israel. Read more

Yemenite Government To Jews: Convert or Leave Yemen

Yemen’s remaining Jews have been given a stark choice by their government: convert to Islam or flee the country, acting Regional Cooperation Minister Ayoub Kara announced on Sunday. Read more

Saudi Arabia – Arab Coalition Seizes Iranian Boat With Weapons In Arabian Sea

Saudi Arabia – Arab coalition forces waging a military campaign against Houthi fighters in Yemen seized an Iranian boat loaded with weapons in the Arabian Sea on its way to deliver supplies to the group, the Saudi-led alliance said on Wednesday. Read more

Israel Fears For Safety of Yemen’s Remaining Few Jews

Israel is closely following developments in Yemen, where Gulf states are bombing Iranian-backed fighters, and has expressed deep concern over the fate of the last few Jews in the country. Read more