Ukraine Government Defends Minister Anastasia Deeva Over Naked Photos

UKRAINIAN politicians have defended their appointment of a young female minister after X-rated images were allegedly found of her on social media.

According to The Mirror, Anastasia Deeva, 24, was recently named Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.

Deeva, who is UK-educated, is one of the key figures in the Ukraine government, which is keen to integrate with the European Union. Her role is to assist with the country’s economic integration with the EU.

It’s believed the racy images were posted to a number of online accounts after her new appointment.

Deeva’s boss, Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said: “I personally know Anastasia Deyev.

“Her task is to help the Minister of the interior, to do everything possible to support America, Japan and other countries, which help us in carrying out reforms, not reduce, but increase, their knowledge, experience, charisma.”

Some claim that Deeva lied on her CV by saying she had much more experience than she actually did.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has stood by Deeva saying she passed all checks.

“The appointment went through the Cabinet based on a number of interviews conducted and special checks,” Avakov said.

“Those who speak about violations in the appointment process do not understood it.”


He said her pictures were “private” and taken when she was a student, when she also worked as a political aide to various Ukrainian MPs.

Ukraine’s deputy speaker Irina Gerashchenko said the alleged nude photos were not the issue, it was Deeva’s experience for her current jobs that should be reviewed.

“The question is not about the nude photos. People can take any pictures they like and the photographs cannot be the basis for any appointment or dismissal,” she said.

“Nor is the question about hypocrisy, which, like sexism, we really should overcome together. The question is about violation of procedures.”

She claimed Ms Deeva was appointed “without any competition”. She added that her CV contains “wrong data”.

Deeva, nor her advertising husband Gregory, have commented on the images.

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