NYC Real Estate Mogul Charged With DWI After Fatal Porsche Crash

A Manhattan real estate developer has been charged with drunkenly slamming his Porsche into a utility pole and leaving his buddy to die after he was thrown from the vehicle. Read more

Black Man Pulled Over For Making ‘Direct Eye Contact’ With Ohio Police Officer

DAYTON – John Felton says he had it just arrived in Dayton with his brother for a birthday party and was driving down Salem Avenue. Read more

Man Takes His Own Life After Daughter Isn’t Accepted By School

Rechasim, Israel – Hours after a father received the news that his daughter will not be accepted into a Bais Yaakov school, he was found dead in a park near the local shul in Rechasim in Northern Israel. Read more

Bangkok – Thai Police Seek 2 New Suspects In Shrine Bombing Probe Believed To Be In Turkey

Bangkok – Thai police issued arrest warrants Monday for two more suspects, a Thai woman and a foreign man of unknown nationality, as part of a widening investigation that yielded its first arrest over the weekend in connection with a deadly bombing in Bangkok two weeks ago. Read more

Newark, NJ – Man Enters Secure Hallway At Newark Liberty Airport

Newark, NJ – A man who made his way into a secure hallway at Newark Liberty International Airport on Sunday, prompting police to evacuate part of an airport terminal, has been taken for a psychiatric evaluation, police said. Read more

Israeli Energy Shares Tank on News of Egyptian Natural Gas Find

Energy shares plummeted on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on Monday after the Italian energy group Eni said it had discovered the largest known natural gas field in the Mediterranean off Egypt, casting doubt about Israeli gas exports to the country. Read more

New NYPD Smartphones Helped Cops Nab Suspect

A couple of cops in Brooklyn tracked down a gunman who tried to kill a foe over the weekend — after recognizing his photo on a wanted poster that was sent to their new NYPD-issued smartphones, authorities said. Read more

Luxembourg Chain Pulls Israeli Produce

Luxembourg’s largest supermarket chain, Cactus, had decided to halt the sale of produce until its supplier finds proof that its origin is not the West Bank. Read more