Miami Motorist Pulls Over Police Officer For Speeding

A civilian vigilante decided to give a police officer a piece of her mind after the Miami woman believed the cop was speeding. Read more

What The Latest Edward Snowden Leaks Tell Us About the Israel-Russia Relationship

One day, perhaps decades from now, when the full story of the efforts made by the United States and other nations to find out if and when Israel was planning to attack Iran’s nuclear program, and if need be to prevent the operation from being carried out, a number of reputations will take a serious hit. Read more

WoW Celebrates Cabinet Aproval of Egalitarian Section

Women of the Wall (WoW) held a press conference Sunday at the Western Wall (Kotel) Plaza, following the government’s decision to expand the non-Orthodox mixed prayer section, which was established back in 2013. Read more

NYPD: Giants’ Jay Bromley Accused Of Attempting To Rape A Woman And Hit Her With His Car

New York Giants defensive tackle Jay Bromley is facing possible assault charges after a woman accused him of raping her during a date that went horribly awry in a Midtown hotel. Read more

If The US Can Decrypt Vital Israeli Transmissions, Who Else Can?

News that the United States and the United Kingdom have for years been tapping into the encrypted communications of Israel Air Force drones and fighter jets sent shock waves through Israel on Friday, with the story dominating the front pages of the country’s newspapers. Read more

Ashkelon Area Mobster Arrested At Ben-Gurion Airport Trying To Flee Israel

An underworld boss from the South was arrested at Ben-Gurion Airport on Friday along with three of his associates, and is being held on suspicion of extortion. Read more

Three Wounded In Shooting Attack Near Bet El

At least three people have been wounded in a shooting attack just outside of Bet El, north of Jerusalem. Read more

Israel To Acknowledge Reform Movement For First Time

The Israeli government is expected to discuss how to handle prayer at the Kotel tomorrow, after Reform groups demand space of their own. Read more

NYSP: 3 Women Arrested, Suspected In Series Of Burglaries in Kiryas Joel

KIRYAS JOEL – Three City of Newburgh women, who were hired for home cleaning services, were arrested and charged with stealing jewelry from a Kiryas Joel residence, according to New York State Police in Monroe. Read more