How The Satmar Mafia works!

Satmar is estimated to be one of the largest Hasidic dynasties in the world.

This dynasty is said to consist of 119,000 members spread throughout the communities of Williamsburg, Kiryas Joel, Borough Park, and Monsey, New York.

Oddly enough, these are the same areas that keep getting raided by the FBI in the past few years. Sources say there are no formal arrests at this time but this is linked to an ongoing investigation.

In the mind of a Satmar member, they fiercely believe the Jews should wait for G-d to send the Messiah to return the Jewish people to the land of Israel.

The Satmars are ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionists, who believe that the State of Israel is a secular abomination that usurps the holy relationship between God and the Jewish people.

They are taught from a young age they are to establish a network of businesses which provided an economic base for the community’s own social institutions free from the secular world.

You could compare this lifestyle similar to that of the Amish, but yet the amount of money this community can produce is nowhere even close to the same.

Many notable Jewish and non-Jewish sources view that anti-Zionism has become a cover for modern-day antisemitism.

This would appear to be true when we look at the financial figures coming out of Brooklyn.

When T.O.T. Private Consulting researched the database of Brooklyn New York list of Jewish Nonprofit Organizations and Religious Organizations the figures are as follows:

• Organization Count 15,368

• Assets Total $15,068,528,843

• Income Total $15,019,500,173

Just to prove our point, we even decided to break it down into a well know Satmar zip code of 12111.

That brings us to the following numbers:

Organization Count 1,093

· Assets Total $218,135,224

· Income Total $192,628,243

These numbers are astonishing considering this community is swarming with Satmar members who are worldwide known as an Antizionist organization.

These communities are built with the mindset that they are the chosen people to decide what to do with the land of Israel.

For people who love and want to protect Israel, this is the part where you should be concerned.

If this mafia group can raise this much money, then WHAT IS BEING FUNDED?

To shine the light on how this mafia works, you need to understand their operations are connected from hubs.

One of Satmar’s most famous hubs is located at 199 Lee Ave, Brooklyn NY. 12111

For years, there has already been a lot of controversy that slum lords are attached to this one street address in Brooklyn NY.

199 Lee Ave is said to be the home of 350 brass mail boxes and over 1300 different active LLC’s.

Our research shows we need to add an additional 111 Non Profits/Religious Organizations to this property address.

That means the IRS might want to investigate these mailboxes too.

In order to be considered a religious organization, you must have a place to worship.

I don’t believe a brass mailbox will suffice when comes to tax evasion and false websites.

Law Enforcement Agents were last seen seizing property and contents of the mailboxes May 3rd, 2016 but again no arrests have been made.

That’s because there is such an overwhelming amount of crime to unravel from each and every hub. It could take years to unravel this mess.

It’s astonishing that one hub is a 3500 square foot building, comprised of 1500 mixed Hassidic real estate management companies, religious organizations, and charities.

One of the most popular real estate CEO’s is Satmar member Yoel Goldman of an ALL YEAR MANAGEMENT, LLC. When reviewing the deed records, we find property deeds being transferred back and forth between 4 additional LLC’s all under the same alias ALL YEAR.

The State of NY issued the following Dos ID numbers under this entity: 3609299, 4339354, 4030656, 4677304 (which is All Year Holdings, LLC).

Reviewing deeds has also shown us that “All Year” has been known to work with W Capital for “bridge loans”, while they process the deed from one management LLC to the other.

This same company has been investigated by the SEC and has issued the following civil complaint.

After extensive review of deeds stemming from Lee Ave, hundreds of mortgages are paid but the deeds keep churning just as fast as the new LLC’s are formed.

The hunt to find the true owner of these corporations and nonprofits becomes a manhunt unless you understand where all this crime and corruption stems from its leadership of Moshe Gabbai, Moshe Friedman, and Leo Friedman, and Jacob Teitelbaum.

Satmar proves to be the most powerful religious Mafia that cares little about the American system of justice.

They will use any means available to undermine it when they think it serves their purposes. Legal or otherwise.

Their mafia tactics include: brainwashing, deception, and intimidation, fraud, and cyber biometric capabilities.

Their mafia connection allows them to buy and sell properties within their community under fake identity names.

One of the most significant connections to that is listed on the deed on 5316 New Utrecht Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219.

The world headquarters for the charity Meir Panim.

This transfer of deed between “Rita and Mordechi Friedman” with “Chaim Streicher” on 10/7/1997 doesn’t add up.

You won’t find either party wanting to step out and discuss this transfer because they are alias names.

Meir Panim’s board of directors is listed on their website; you will find the Administrator of this charity goes by the name of Chaim Buchinger not Chaim Streicher.

For those living in the Satmar mafia communities, the FBI and other government agencies seem to be on to you.

March raids in Monsey and Brooklyn show your attachment to the massive amount of Erate fraud that stems from your yeshivas.

Add the amount of men dressed as Hassidic Jews being arrested and charged with money laundering, sexual abuse, and drug trafficking. Your disguise is no longer working for you.

If there is one thing we know, history has a way of repeating itself. Every empire known to man has fallen for one reason or another.

If this empire doesn’t fall quickly, then what kind of world are we leaving the next generation to face?

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