Canadian Food Distributor Fined For Sending Fake Kosher Cheese To Jewish Summer Camps

A food distributor accused of sending cheddar cheese falsely labeled as kosher to Jewish summer camps was fined $25,000 by a court in Ontario. Read more

Omar Khadr: Former Gitmo Prisoner Who Killed US Soldier To Get $$$ From Canadian Gov’t

The Trudeau government is poised to offer an apology and a $10-million compensation package to former child soldier Omar Khadr for abuses he suffered while detained in the U.S. military prison for captured and suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Read more

FBI Called In Over Isaac Nash Internet Scam In Canada

Police investigating an internet scam where pictures of tragic schoolboy Isaac Nash were allegedly used to con money from a woman in Canada are making good progress. Read more

Canadian Charged In U.S. Over Alleged Iran Export, Money Laundering Scheme

A Canadian man has been charged in the United States with conspiring to send equipment used to test missile systems to Iran. Read more

Sex Toy Company Pays $4M To U.S. Woman

Sex toy maker We-Vibe has agreed to pay customers up to C$10,000 (£6,120) each after shipping a “smart vibrator” which tracked owners’ use without their knowledge. Read more

‘Why Doesn’t Justin Trudeau Cndemn Anti-Semitic Incitement In Canada?’

A prominent Canadian Jewish pro-Israel activist has accused Canadian Prime Minister and the country’s Islamic community of ignoring blatant anti-Semitic incitement by a radical imam, even as the government wages a broad campaign against what some have dubbed ‘Islamophobia’. Read more

‘Anyone Can Be A Victim In Sex Trade’

Most stories about human trafficking that make it into the headlines in Canada involve women from other countries being brought here and forced into sex work, but those who work with trafficking victims in this country say the majority are, in fact, Canadian-born teenage girls. Read more

$11M Worth of Heroin Found In Tractor Trailer In California

Authorities said they made quite the haul when they busted a tractor trailer attempting to move $11 million worth of heroin through Victorville on Thursday. Read more