The DEA Is Fighting America’s Most Dangerous Opioid From The Sky

The helicopter hovered 1,500 feet above a stately prewar building across the street from Central Park, well known to “Seinfeld” fans as Elaine’s apartment in the early episodes of the sitcom. Read more

The DEA Met With Controversial iPhone Hackers

The Drug Enforcement Administration held a meeting with the US sales arm of NSO Group, a controversial malware company whose products can remotely siphon data from iPhones and other devices, according to internal DEA emails obtained by Motherboard. Read more

Feds Intercept Largest Ever Fentanyl Haul In New York City

A Colorado man was busted with 40 pounds of street -grade fentanyl  the largest DEA seizure of the highly potent narcotic in New York history, authorities said Tuesday. Read more

Three Arrested As Police Bust Alleged Conspiracy To Fly Ice From California To Australia

An elderly pilot is among three men charged after allegedly plotting to make an island-hopping drug run from California to Australia carrying ice worth about $255 million. Read more

Colombian Corruption Watchdog Charged In Miami For Money Laundering

MIAMI, FL — Colombia’s National Director of Anti-Corruption was himself charged with a corruption-related offense on Tuesday in Miami. U.S. prosecutors unsealed charges that accuse Luis Gustavo Moreno Rivera with laundering money with the intent to promote foreign bribery. Read more

DEA: NY Doctor Accused of Running $40M Pill Mill

NEW YORK – Federal agents and police officers arrested Dr. David Taylor, 74, and two others for allegedly running a pill mill on Hylan Boulevard on Staten Island. Read more

Manhattan Family Doctor Prescribed 2.2 Million Oxycodone Pills In 5 Years

Manhattan — Dr. Martin Tesher, 81, advertised house calls and called himself an “old-fashioned, family physician,” but the Drug Enforcement Administration said he was really a drug dealer in disguise. Read more

US Says Hezbollah Associate Pleads Guilty To Money Laundering

A Lebanese man accused of trying to use his ties to Hezbollah to further a scheme to launder drug money pleaded guilty on Friday in a Brooklyn, New York federal court to a US money laundering conspiracy charge. Read more

DEA Lied To Congress About Deadly Raid That Killed Four Hondurans

Federal investigators issued a critical report on three deadly shootings in a U.S. drug operation in Honduras, saying officers and agency officials misrepresented facts on their use of deadly force, follow up investigations were flawed and U.S. officials misled Congress about what happened. Read more

U.S. Arrests Mexican Prosecutor In San Diego, Alleging Massive Drug Conspiracy

The attorney general for the Mexican state of Nayarit was arrested in San Diego Monday on a New York arrest warrant accusing him of drug trafficking. Read more