4 NYPD Officers, 2 Others Charged In Corruption Probe

Three members of the NYPD were busted Monday morning for taking payoffs including a free hooker — in exchange for doing favors for a deep-pocketed fund-raiser for Mayor de Blasio. Read more

4 NYPD Officials Busted In De Blasio Fundraising FBI Probe

Four NYPD officials were busted Monday morning as part of the sweeping federal corruption probe rocking the police department and Mayor de Blasio’s office, law enforcement. Read more

Jona Rechnitz The FBI Cooperator Who Brought Down A Union Boss

Jona Rechnitz, a donor to Mayor Bill de Blasio who is at the center of a sweeping corruption probe, is the cooperating witness mentioned in a federal bribery case against corrections union chief Norman Seabrook, sources said. Read more

Norman Seabrook Arrested on Federal Corruption Charges

BRONX, New York – Norman Seabrook and hedge fund financier Murray Huberfeld were arrested Wednesday morning in connection with a federal investigation. Read more

NYPD Deputy Chief John Sprague Disciplined For Pleading The Fifth In FBI Probe

An NYPD boss in charge of a unit that probes excessive force by cops was stripped of his gun and badge on Thursday after refusing to answer questions in the wide-ranging federal probe into gifts for favors, a union official said. Read more

Two More High-Ranking NYPD officers File For Retirement Amid FBI Corruption Investigation

NYPD deputy chiefs Eric Rodriguez and Andrew Capul have filed for retirement, joining the exodus of officials heading for the exits amid a massive corruption probe. Read more

Yet Another High-Ranking NYPD Cop Retires Amid FBI Corruption Probe

Another top NYPD commander caught up in the gifts for favors corruption scandal has filed for retirement, police sources said Friday. Read more

Another NYPD Cop Tries To Retire Amid FBI Corruption Probe

Yet another high-ranking NYPD officer has put in his retirement papers amid the FBI’s gift-for-favors probe into the department. Read more

‘F**D’ NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant Files For Retirement Amid FBI Investigation

An NYPD commander under investigation in a sprawling corruption probe filed for early retirement Monday the same day he was forced to answer questions from the Internal Affairs Bureau. Read more

Bratton Orders Firing Of 66th Precinct Detective Michael Milici As NYPD Corruption Probe Proceeds

Brooklyn, NY – The heads have begun to roll in the continuing NYPD investigation, with longtime community affairs officer, Detective Michael Milici of the 66th Precinct, the first to be officially fired. Read more