NYPD Chief Phillip Banks Quit Amid FBI’s Investigation Into ‘Inordinate Amount of Cash’

He was once a rising star in the NYPD and a finalist to be Mayor de Blasio’s police commissioner. Read more

NYC Mayor: No Donations To Be Accepted By Men Named In FBI Investigation

One day after two men who were members of Bill de Blasio’s inaugural committee were named in an FBI probe involving high ranking members of the NYPD, the mayor has distanced himself from the pair, saying they have not donated to his re-election campaign and he will not accept donations from either of the two as long as the investigation is ongoing. Read more

Orthodox Brooklyn Police Precinct Ensnared In FBI Corruption Probe

On the Jewish holiday of Purim, ultra-Orthodox big shots in Brooklyn invite police officials over for holiday meals. Then, they share the pictures on social media in an implicit contest over who drew the highest-ranking officer. Read more

FBI Investigate Finds NYPD Cops Got Super Bowl Tickets

The gifts were lavish — Super Bowl tickets and vacations to China and London.

The favors were troubling using NYPD cops to provide security for private cash and jewelry deliveries and police escorts for funerals and airport trips to transfer bodies to Israel. Read more

Westchester County, NY – NYPD Chaplain Suspended As Westchester Police Chaplain After Report Of FBI Investigation

Westchester County, NY – The man who reportedly is at the center of a federal investigation into New York City police corruption was suspended Tuesday as a chaplain for the Westchester County Department of Public Safety. Read more

Bratton: NYPD Will Cooperate Fully With FBI Investigation Of Officers

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Tuesday that his department will “cooperate fully” with the FBI in its corruption probe into the NYPD which The Post exclusively reported on Tuesday. Read more

NYPD officer Involved In FBI Investigating, Including Possible Money Laundering

The FBI is investigating suspected NYPD corruption focusing on the relationship between two politically connected businessmen and a slew of officers throughout the ranks, multiple sources told The Post on Monday. Read more