Ultra-Orthodox Community, Abused Women are Finding A Way Out

Two days after giving birth, Reut carefully swaddled her fifth child and took a taxi from the hospital to a shelter for victims of domestic abuse. Read more

Jerusalem Man Matti Ben David, Accused of Raping Dozens of Ultra-Orthodox Women

A Jerusalem business owner Matti Ben David now working at a girl’s seminary was arrested Sunday on suspicion of raping dozens of ultra-Orthodox women he employed. Read more

How An Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Director Keeps Jewish Law

Film director Rama Burshtein’s team includes all the usual movie-making roles, but with a couple of exceptions: her rabbi and an assistant who keeps her from coming into contact with men. Read more

NYPD Rescues Orthodox Jewish Pregnant Woman Off Charter Fishing Boat

A Orthodox Jewish pregnant woman got a high-flying assist from the NYPD when she went into “the early stages of birth” on a charter fishing boat Wednesday afternoon. Read more

Ruchie Freier, First: Chassidic Woman Elected To Be NY Civil Court Judge

The Hon. Judge Rachel “Ruchie” Freier made history this week as the first Chassidic woman ever to be elected to take the bench in New York Civil Court. Read more

Israeli Mayor Ordered To Remove Offensive ‘Modesty Signs’ Once and For All

A group of Beit Shemesh women fighting to remove “modesty signs” plastered around their city won a key battle in court on Sunday. Read more

Woman Lost Her Job For Not Being Jewish Enough

A woman claims she was fired by her nonprofit health-care boss because she wasn’t Jewish enough. Read more

Proposal To End ‘Women’s Only’ Pool Hours For Orthodox Jewish women

The Parks Department announced this week that it planned to end a policy of setting aside four hours a week for a “Women’s Swim” at a public pool in Williamsburg, ending a decade-long accommodation for the neighborhood’s Orthodox Jewish women. Read more

Malka Leifer, Deemed Unfit To Stand Extradition Trial By Israeli Judge

Extradition proceedings against an Australian woman accused of sexually abusing students at an ultra-Orthodox girls’ school were halted Sunday, after a judge in Israel ruled her unfit to stand trial. Read more

Why Orthodox Jewish Women Are Stripping Down For The Camera

As an Orthodox Jewish grandmother living in Marine Park, Brooklyn, Malky, 47, is usually covered from head to toe. She wears the wig known as a sheitel, and sports the traditional garb that doesn’t do much justice to the female form. Read more