AP, Other Media Ask Judge To Order Release Of iPhone Records

The Associated Press and two other news organizations asked a judge Monday to force the federal government to reveal how much it paid for a tool to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino, California, shooters. Read more

Federal Immigration Boss At Center of Turf War Over Terror Suspect Transferred

The federal bureaucrat who blocked armed law enforcement agents from apprehending a man involved in the San Bernardino terror attack last December, then allegedly lied to investigators about her actions, has been reassigned to another post, but likely won’t face further investigation, has learned. Read more

Watchdog Rips FBI, ICE Battle Over Terror Suspect

A federal report released Thursday details a shocking turf battle that broke out when immigration officials blocked law enforcement agents from interviewing a person of interest in the San Bernardino terror attack last December. Read more

FBI Arrest Three Relatives of San Bernardino Terrorists

The feds on Thursday busted the brother of terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook in connection with a marriage scam that only came to light after last year’s jihadist massacre in California, officials said. Read more

Questions Linger After US Hacks iPhone, Ends Legal Battle

The extraordinary legal fight pitting the Obama administration against technology giant Apple Inc. ended unexpectedly after the FBI said it used a mysterious method without Apple’s help to hack into a California mass shooter’s iPhone. Read more

FBI Mysteriously Cracks Gunman’s iPhone; Withdraws Legal Action

Washington – The FBI says it successfully used a mysterious technique without Apple’s help to break into an iPhone linked to the gunman in a California mass shooting. Read more

Israeli Company Helping FBI Crack iPhone Security

The FBI has been reportedly using the services of the Israeli-based company Cellebrite in its effort to break the protection on a terrorist’s locked iPhone, according to experts in the field familiar with the case. Read more

Washington – FBI: Might Be A Way To Unlock San Bernardino Attacker iPhone

Washington – In a stunning disclosure, federal authorities said Monday that they may have found a way to unlock an iPhone used by one of the shooters in the San Bernardino attack, a development that could make Apple’s forced cooperation unnecessary. Read more

FBI ‘Could Force Apple To Hand Over Private Key’

If Apple doesn’t comply with the court order requiring it to weaken the security on the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, it may be asked to hand over the source code to the entire operating system instead, the Department of Justice has implied. Read more

Edward Snowden: FBI’s Claim It Can’t Unlock The San Bernardino iPhone Is ‘Bullshit’

Edward Snowden, the whistleblower whose NSA revelations sparked a debate on mass surveillance, has waded into the arguments over the FBI’s attempt to force Apple to help it unlock the iPhone 5C of one of the San Bernardino shooters. Read more