Jona Rechnitz Pleads Guilty To Giving Cash For NYC Official

A major donor to Mayor de Blasio has secretly pleaded guilty to making campaign donations to public officials in exchange for official action. Read more

How Two Orthodox Jews Sparked New York’s Worst Scandal In Decades

On the face of it Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg, two Orthodox Jews from New York, made for an unlikely pair of hustlers. Read more

Feds Find Audio Recordings Made By Shomrim Leader

The feds have uncovered a trove of audio recordings that capture “dealings of questionable legality” by members of the NYPD raising the specter of more arrests in a bribery probe. Read more

Shomrim Leader Shaya Lichtenstein Was Drunk While Chatting With FBI Agents

New court papers detail the conversation between a Brooklyn businessman accused of bribing cops for expedited gun permits and the feds who busted him. Read more

Shomrim Leader Shaya Lichtenstein Can’t Strike Plea Deal In NYPD Corruption Probe

The NYPD insider charged in a $1 million scheme to illegally obtain scores of pistol permits failed to strike a plea deal and is turning his efforts to suppressing statements he made to authorities, a court hearing revealed Thursday. Read more

Jona Rechnitz Spotted At World Series

The feds’ key witness in the NYPD corruption scandal was living it up at the World Series where a TV camera caught him rooting for the Cleveland Indians in a prime seat behind home plate at Wrigley Field Sunday night. Read more

66th Precinct Lieutenant Stripped of Badge, Gun Over NYPD Scandal

A high-ranking Brooklyn cop has been stripped of his badge and gun over ties to a key figure in an alleged $1 million NYPD bribery scheme. Read more

Two High-Ranking NYPD Commanders Charged In NYPD Corruption Scandal Hire Private Investigator

Two former high-ranking commanders indicted in the NYPD corruption scandal have hired one of the city’s top private investigators to dig up dirt on the government’s star witness. Read more

Shomrim Leader Shaya Lichtenstein Looks For Plea Deal In NYPD Corruption Scandal

A Brooklyn Shomrim patrol leader accused of paying NYPD cops cash bribes in order to expedite gun permits is in talks with feds over a plea deal, lawyers said Friday. Read more

FBI Wanted To Interview NYPD Lieutenant Who Shot Self In Stomach

An off-duty NYPD lieutenant may have shot himself twice in the stomach to duck out of testifying against a friend caught up in the NYPD pay-to-play scandal, sources said. Read more