NYPD Seizing Guns Linked To Shaya Lichtenstein Probe

New York, NY – Two weeks after wide scale NYPD corruption investigations revealed that three officers from the gun licensing division were reassigned for accepting bribes in exchange for gun permits, the city’s public advocate is calling on Mayor de Blasio to suspend all the permits in question and to force those gun holders to surrender their weapons to police. Read more

Privacy Laws Cited About Suspended Westchester Chaplain Jeremy Reichberg

A meeting that discussed the suspension of a volunteer Westchester County police chaplain didn’t delve too deeply into his Brooklyn residency or qualifications after the county police commissioner invoked state privacy laws. Read more

Detective At Center Of NYPD Probe Suspended After Trying To Retire

Brooklyn, NY – An NYPD community affairs officer who was stripped of his gun and badge tried to retire Monday – triggering his immediate suspension because he is still a target of a federal corruption probe. Read more

Sprawling Corruption Case With Humble Beginnings Roils NYC; Orthodox Jewish Community In Spotlight

NEW YORK — After a successful attack on corruption in New York’s state government, the hard-charging federal prosecutor in Manhattan appears to have set his sights on New York City. Read more

Is US Attorney Investigating Every Dollar De Blasio Ever Raised?

What we last week called the steady drip-drip-drip of disclosures from the widening probes into Mayor de Blasio’s fund-raising has now erupted into an enormous gushing stream. Read more

Criminals vs Criminals: De Blasio Freezes Funds For Borough Park Shomrim

The city is withholding $35,000 in taxpayer funding from the group Borough Park Shomrim patrol following the arrest of one of its leaders in a nearly $1 million bribery scheme involving NYPD pistol permits. Read more

After Bribery Arrest, New Questions Emerge About Powerful Orthodox Security Patrol Shomrim

Now, a sprawling FBI investigation into corrupt relationships between Orthodox activists and the NYPD is drawing new attention to longstanding concerns about the group’s influence in the neighborhood, and its unusually close ties to the NYPD’s 66th Precinct in Boro Park. Read more

I Paid Shaya Lichtenstein $12K For Gun License and Wound Up With Nothing

So what if he greased some palms to get a gun license? That’s not stopping a Brooklyn landlord from fighting for his right to bear arms. Read more

Jeremy Reichberg Got NYPD Helicopters To Fly Over NYC

The Brooklyn businessman at the heart of a massive police corruption scandal was so tight with top brass, he got department helicopters to fly over a cruise on the Hudson River. Read more

More NYPD Officers Probed In Bribes For Gun Licenses Scandal

NEW YORK — More officers and the command structure of an entire police precinct – are under investigation in the NYPD bribes for gun licenses scandal, sources said Tuesday. Read more